Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Memory of Colleen Keifer (1974-2007)

As many of you know, the news of Colleen's passing on Friday 7th December has shocked and deeply saddened many of us.

Mike - Colleen's significant other - has asked me to help by crafting a small corner of the internet to honour Colleen's memory and to act as a resource for those of us who wish to pay our respect to a beloved friend that has played a positive and significant role in all our lives...

Details of Colleen's funeral on (12.30pm Friday 14th December) will be posted here soon, however in the mean time please leave your messages of love, support and condolence, as we - Colleen's friends and family struggle through this tough period.


Maryc said...

Dearest Mike

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Colleen.

I only know that time is the greatest healer and to get you through the passage of time, the importance of leaning on your family and friends will most certainly help you to get through the pain.

I will do my best to make it to Colleen's Funeral to pay my respects and hope to provide some emotional support for you.

Mike - you are a strong man and while it is very natural to feel weakened by Colleen's untimely departure, please place positive energies into enjoying the many memories that you made with Colleen.

Life has a way of balancing itself out and I hope that your equilibrium returns with the gift of enriching your experiences that helps you to evolve into a greater person than who you already are.

After all - that is what life is all about.

My greatest respect to Colleen. My greatest wish to see you happy again soon.

Take care in the knowledge that you do have family and friends who care about you and I am one of your friends.

From Mary.

Jess said...

Dear Uncle Mick,

Just a quick note to let you know that I am thinking of you and love you very much.

You are a strong person and I know that in your own time you will make it through this and find happiness again.

Lots of Love.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mick,
It's hard to remember a time when Colleen wasn't in your life I still remember her at your house in Lilli Pilli and she had a huge key ring collection. I liked her from the start you always knew where you stood with her there was no pretending.
You take the good things in your life for granted until there gone but I loved her and I'll miss her.
Mick always remember your family is here for you and we love you.

Love Kim & Darrel xx

chloe said...

To dear Uncle Mick,

i love you so much and im thinking of you. Anything you need you can come to mum and I.

i love you uncle mick. xox