Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guestbook & Condolences

We would like to extend an invitation to guests, family and friends of Colleen's to leave their messages of support. Therefore, we would like you to click the comments link at the foot of this post and relay your thoughts, emotions, or just send out some love and support for those close to Colleen.


Felicity said...

Colleen will be missed by everybody who knew her. She was certainly one of the most memorable people I ever met and that leaves a huge gap, now that she is with us no more. I share a hug and a tear with Colleen's parents, sisters and fellow friends.

Becc Bowden said...

I only knew Colleen for 12 months but in that time she made such a wonderful impression. She will be sadly missed, but remembered for her vibrant personality and wonderful sense of humour. I always had fun with her and my thoughts are with Mike and their families.
I will miss you, babe.

Kymm said...

I was lucky enough to have met Colleen and Mike many years ago through Deej and Michelle.

Colleen always impressed me as a woman of humour, strength, conviction, integrity, generosity and creativity. There was always a lot of love and laughter from Colleen to share with those around her and I appreciated and liked that you always knew where you stood with her. In my opinion, these are valued qualities in any friend of worth. The world is poorer for Colleen's passing yet far richer for her presence. Rest in peace Collie.

My thoughts are with you Mike, and with yours and Colleen's loved ones.


Mel,Brian & Brendon said...

Over the past, few years Colleen and Mike have became a huge part of our family, with Colleen having a special place in my sons heart, also brendon looking up to her as good mate, he could always get away with being cheeky when colleen was around (to a point), to calling him her little man. We cannot believe such a loving, caring, and wonderful person has left us. The friendship we have build will always be strong and the memories will live on with so many happy moments, from colleen with her power tools and love she had for Mike and the dogs. The time we spent with you colleen was always first-rate & with smiles. You will be missed my friend…Thoughts of you bring happy moments and fun times. Thank you colleen for being there and being our friend…We will miss you mate.

We forward our condolences to Mike and Colleens family & friends

“Love you babe” Mel, Brian & Brendon

Adrian said...

Special is a word that is used to describe something one of a kind like a hug or a sunset or a person who spreads love with a smile. Special describes people who act from the heart and keep in my other hearts. Special applies to something that is admired and precious. Special is the word that best describes Colleen.

Our thoughts are with those she has left behind...especially Mike who I know will miss her daily.

Adrian and Shayne Baric

Mr 110% said...

Colleen will be missed by a lot a people because of her wonderful sense of humour...her loud voice, and her great sense of sportmanship..I met Mike and Colleen through baseball..Played with the first and last Mariners Team which Colleen basically Coached,managed and run the club... She will be missed greatly by my self and my wife Tracey Our thoughts our with you Mike and the families

Chloe said...

Colleen wasnt just my aunty, she was my friend and a sister figure to me. She was always there to talk, straight forward about things, honest, kind, caring, loving and many more things the list goes on. most of my best memories are of her and me. we did alot of things together like getting our hair cut at just cuts, pigging out on junk food when i first started sleeping over there, having girl talks, doing my nails and hair, showing me how to cook, lieing in bed together talking one morning when uncle mick was out and alot more things, i could go on and on. She is like a role model to me and I'm always going to think of her everyday. She is my FAVOURITE aunty, always has always will. My thoughts are with Aunty Colleen's family, Uncle Mick and her friends.

I LOVE you aunty colleen

Love 'your girl' Chloe xx

Jules & Kaz said...

It goes without saying that life taken before its time is incredidibly difficult for those left behind to comprehend, let alone deal with. Rather than pour out my heart on this page I thought it appropriate to share a little story that sums up Colleen. One of the first outings in which I was fortunate enough to meet Colleen, was post-baseball drinks where, she marched up to me, introduced herself and promptly took a seat. What followed was easy conversation and lots of laughs, like old friends long separated. If we can all take that sort of attitude to life and the situations it presents us with, then we are better for it, and a piece of Colleen will remain always. That's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I met Colleen on the day she first came into Suicide Glam, the whole shop came alive with her exuberance and energy. It felt almost like she was an old friend I hadn't seen for a long time. Each time she came in we would have a laugh.
I was gutted to hear the tragic news and my heart goes out to her Husband and family as I can only guess at the hole she will leave in their lives.

Debbie - Suicide Glam

Michael MacGraw said...

From all at Bonnet Bay Baseball Club and Cronulla Sutherland Baseball Club (Major League) our deepest sympathies to you Mike and all family and friends, the sheer number of calls and well wishes I have received from so many within the baseball community from all parts of not just Sydney, but all over NSW and interstate is just to many to mention and is a true testament to what both Colleen and Mike meant to so many. Colleen will always be remembered, especially at the bay, where so many good times and lasting memories will remain.

Scott and Kel said...

I met Colleen at baseball it was midway through the season and Mike had just told us about a fight she had had with an electric plainer although she had to get her hand fixed up she will always say she won the fight as she finished the job she was doing. With her hand in wraps she said that we could have a end of season party at her place (I dont think she knew that Mike had already offered their house) Thats just the type of person she was. My wife Kel met her shortly after that and they took to each other like two peas in a pod. As everybody knows the minute you meet Colleen and Mike its like you've know them forever and they will always be apart of your life. Colleen you may be gone but for those of us that love you you will live forever as you have left a part of you in all of us.

If we can learn anything from our loss it is that life can be so short, we should appreciate each day we have with our loved ones and cherish each other. Mike you are much loved by us and always know that we are here for you, our door is always open to you.

Linney said...

I only knew colleen through talking to her on the phone when she needed to place a stationery order. I really looked forward to chatting with her as she always would cheer me up with the funny things she would come out with. I was shocked at hearing about her passing and can't believe she is gone.I will really miss talking to thoughts are with colleens husband, family and friends
Linda from Sharp Office National

Wyong Wildcats Baseball Club said...

On behalf of the Wildcats and my family, I wish to extend our condolences to Mike and family and express to them that our thoughts are with them at this time.

Nathan Corrigan
Senior President

Miki said...

I thought of Colleen as my big sister and loved spending time with her. She was always there to help me and talk to me. Colleen will be dearly missed by all But i'm really glad she was a part of my life
I Love you Colleen

Lindy said...

How do you put into words how you feel about someone. You can say they were nice, great and funny or use lots of words everyone else does to descibe them but Coll deserves more than that and the word that comes to mind is unique. Unique in personality, looks and lifestyle. Coll put everyones needs before her own which made her a selfless person. She lived by her own rules and crammed as much into each day as she could. She accomplished so much in such a short space of time which showed her dedication and drive as most people wouldn't even dream of accomplishing what she did in their own lifetime, but she did.
They say you meet people for a reason even if at the time you don't know what that reason is. I know that my reason for meeting Coll was so I could see how a real life angel worked. Her compassion, loyalty and love is someting that few people in this world posess and she was blessed to have all those qualities and share them with the people around her.
Although I only knew Coll for a short time, I am truly blessed to have been a part of her life and to be someone she regarded as a friend. I love her dearly and always will. I will never forget her laugh or smile and although she is gone her memory will live on forever in the hearts of all the people she has made a difference too.
We also need to remember that Mike possess all the same qualities that Coll did and that he needs his friends and family more than ever before to help him through this time. So Mike I just want you to know that I love you and will alwys be by your side whenever you need me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty Colleen,

I miss you so much!! Your around my neck everyday and I look at your pictures in the locket everyday. And I talk to you in my head in class while looking out the window.. do you hear it? You better! LOL I miss you babe. And my skin is clearing up!:] But the junk food is still a problem. Everytime I see a can of diet or coke zero I always think of you saying " it doesnt taste good so you put alittle bit of lemon or lime juice in it to make it taste better " lol that health kick was so bad babe! And I would come lay in bed with you in the mornings and you would say coffee? lol And those secret girly times we had (you know what I'm talking about! hehe) I can remember everything you said. Every word you said stuck in my mind. Because I knew the words that came out of your mouth would be true and wise. You were one of the BEST people around. You weren't old and grumpy, you were cool and understanding. And if you didn't like someone you wouldn't lie about it. That was one of the best things about you. I miss you Aunty Colleen. And I'm sorry for not telling you that I love you more often. I love you sooo much! Always will.

Love Chloe Elder

miopoopla said...

she was so great. i cannot believe that she is gone. i will always remember her and how she always made me smile. r.i.p.

Mel said...

I cant believe its been 12 months without you here with us. I miss you my friend and knowing you has has opened my heart to always remembering old friends at Christmas. In my hreat forever and not far from my thoughts.

Chloe said...

Happy Birthday Aunty Colleen. I love you so much. Thinking about you always. Love you. Love Chloe xoxx

Anonymous said...

Death is but a door, time is but a window... Sounds trite but it works.

2 years without your wit, odd phone calls and general funkiness. Miss you. Always have, always will. Forgive the tears, they still fall.

Anonymous said...

Time grows near again and its 5 years and counting. Changes have been made thing have been thought but one thing remands the same the fact that every day I miss you. I think now more than ever did. So as promised I will see you soon and I hope you’re saving a seat for me up or down there but knowing you both has been organized.
So in the immortal words of us both, ‘Death is but a door time is but a window we’ll be back.’